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Bonspiel's original name: "CAN. MIDWEST NAV. DIV." 
(Canadian Midwest Divisional Navy Bonspiel)

Year of conception: "1963"
Location: "HMCS UNICORN"
Founding Father: "L/S Ralph Oggelsby"

1964 Crowsnest Magazine News Article

In early winter of 1963, P.O. Mancor issued an innocent curling game challenge to HMCS QUEEN. 
This challenge was transmitted over the Radio Communications Network that at the time, was monitored by all 
Navel Reserve units. HMCS CHIPPAWA, TECUMSEH, and NONSUCH happened to be listening in at 
this particular moment and these units in turn challenged the winner of the first game. After seeing that there 
were other units also interested in curling, some quick arrangements were made and the interested units 
agreed to gather in Saskatoon for a "Weekend of curling" (Sat.& Sun.).

In early February 1964 LS Oggelsby gathered the units in Saskatoon. The games were played at the 
Royal Canadian Air Force Station (Saskatoon Airport), on four sheets of ice. The Banquet was held Saturday 
night behind the C+PO's mess on the main deck of HMCS Unicorn, which consisted of "Pork & Beans with 
a Bun". A short meeting was held after the last game on Sunday. It was decided that this gathering was 
worth repeating again and to give it a fitting abbreviated military name to "disguise" it over the 
Radio Communications Network. Thus "CAN. MIDWEST NAV. DIV." was born. This newly formed event 
only had one "rule" which was set at the Sunday meeting, and that was, that you MUST have at 
least one member of the OPPOSITE SEX on the team. 
Winners of this newly created Bonspiel: 

-- HMCS Unicorn Captains Message 1964 --

            "A" EVENT - G. BLACK (TECUMSEH)     Picture 

As the years have gone by, the Bonspiel has became more and more popular. New Reserve 
units HMCS MALAHAT, invited by Calgary and GRIFFON (1965) were added to the list of participants.
The bonspiel is hosted each year by one of the participating Reserve units on a rotating basis. The name was
changed to today's version "CANMIDWESTDIV". The format of today's Bonspiel's is still very 
similar to it's meager beginnings. 

An "
unwritten " and "understood " rule, which was adopted in the beginning
and has always been observed at the bonspiel's.
"Be a good Sportsman and Always have Fun."

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